Deep into Studying the Canadian Securities Course

Originally Published November 29 2013

Those in the Canadian financial industry know about the Canadian Securities Course (CSC). At the moment I've been reading the material everyday and I have to say, there's A LOT of information. The problem isn't that there's so much information, it's just the time frame I have to study and write my exam.

I'm literally trying to cram everything in my head for the Volume 1 exam which I have scheduled for December 16 2013. The deadline is only a few short weeks away. Unfortunately, due to my 12 hour work schedule it's next to impossible to take vacation time when working 12 hour shift. Plus I have to accommodate study time for writing the Volume 2 exam sometime in January. Needless to say, I've been really busy this past week.

I'm trying to stay really positive...picturing myself passing both exams and giving my current employer my 2 week notice. Sometimes, when I think about that day when I hand in my kinda makes me cry. It's a sense of freedom, if you can believe that. All this time, shackled to a phone answering calls and putting up with the most dumbest endusers known to man, woman or beast.

But back to my CSC course. I've been given study guides as well that advise on how to study for the course. The guides say to read the Study Notes chapter, read the text book chapter then run through the sample questions. So far every test quiz or exam, I've been scoring 60%. That my friends is the passing mark....but it's way too close. The Company study hotline has advised me to strive for a 70-75%. Again...there's SO MUCH to absorb that at times, I don't know if I'm going to make it.

If you landed on this page curious about my experience studying for the CSC..let me tell you...I'm sure you can do just need time.

One of the things in the course is FORMULAS. Right now, I'm reading up on Bonds; the types of Bond, how the different types differ from one another or how they differ from stocks, T Bills etc. Again, there's a lot of formulas to learn. One thing I was told was not to focus on the formulas because only one or 2 points my come from formulas.

Another point told to me, 50% of the exam is on chapters 6,7,8 and 9. After a week, I finally began chapter 8. Well...I'm also going to have to go back and re-read the study noted on chapters  6 and 7, but as you can's pretty important I know the stuff.

And tip, know your definitions. I was told that definitions are word for word taken from the text book make sure you know your words. It's crazy guys!

So at this moment, I have yet to post on my Tech blog or upload content on my YouTube Channel....and how can I, all i keep thinking about is handing in my resignation. And how can I quit my job unless I study my ass off and pass my CSC exam.

It's time for bed, stay tuned for more.