Door to Door Marketing with Edward Jones

Originally published November 8th 2013

So I've been pursuing an opportunity to work with a firm that pretty much equals starting your own business. It's a business based on meeting people and building relationships from face to face encounters. What does that mean? It means that you go out and door know and introduce yourself to the community.

Today, as part of the interview process, was a short marketing activity which was going door to door, introducing yourself and asking questions to complete a survey.

The thought of going door to door, may make some uncomfortable, and I must admit, I didn't like the idea either. But I figure, might as well go out and do it. It's not hard to go knocking on doors, but I think people may shy away from the idea because they don't know what to expect from the person answering the door. And yes, that was a concern for me too, however it was quite pleasant. Going door to door really wasn't a bad experience.

At one point of the afternoon, i almost compared door knocking to trick or treating, you approach someone's house, knock/ring door bell and say "Treat or Treat". Yes, I know there is a slight difference between the two; people are expecting Trick or Treaters and Halloween night occurs once a year.

But completing the assignment wasn't a bad experience. Now, I'm sure there's difference between completing an activity and fulfilling a contact much more gets involved. But I wanted to complete my quota TODAY because honestly, I didn't want to go out tomorrow to finish up.

But there was one thing that was making feel uncomfortable, it was my lower back! I've haven't had to walk for hours since my teenage years...or my late 20's. Maybe it was the dress shoes I was wearing? One thing to note, own a pair of comfortable shoes! Yah, I think THAT was the hardest part of today's door to door marketing activity.

I'm glad that I completed that door to door activity, because I think it gives a pretty good taste of what to expect when on the ground, meeting potential clients. I headed out in the afternoon so there were several people not at home, which only means that this job is something that may slip over into Saturdays if you can't fulfill your daily numbers.

Shit man, what would I do if I can't close deals? If I don't have a certain number of accounts opened at various points at the start of my career, it's "GOOD BYE DOL". Man, the thought of that is scary. I wished I had looked at this opportunity when I lived at home, where I could take a chance and the only thing I would lose was a, as an adult and with a family, house and bills to pay, it's do or die...well, at least the motivation and determination is there.

More to come, thanks for reading.