Moving On To Canadian Securities Course Vol 2!

Originally Published December 18 2013

I have just completed studying Volume 1 and have written my exam last Monday. I pleased to announce that I have successfully passed Volume 1 and looking forward to Volume 2 of the course.

Leading up to the day of the exam, I was really worried. The chapter on financial statements confused me, I was days away from the exam and still had 2 chapters to go. It was Saturday night, I was hosting a Christmas party and I was worried about chapter 4 & 5 which I had yet to read.

Looking through Chapter 4, it was THICK (that's what she said)! Chapter 4 looked like it was the biggest chapter of the was twice as thick as the other chapters in the book. I decided to skip it and move on to chapter 5 since I could read all of chapter 5 and go back and glance through chapter 4 at the end.

In the end, all I did was the practice questions at the end of each module online (except chapters 12 and 4 - OOPS) and hoped I retained all the important stuff.

Good news it that I passed. I'm really excited to move on and get that much closer to quitting my existing job and move on to a more rewarding CAREER.

There are also some lessons I learned while I was studying.
  1. I can DO it. I was able to read, study and pass one of the exams
  2. Wake up at 6am on your days off and read/study. You'll learn better first thing in the morning with a hot mug of coffee or tea by your side. It's quiet with no one to disturb you and distract you.
  3. Relax. Don't panic.. Go over the material and reread the topics you didn't get a good handle on
  4. Don't leave shit to the last minute
Wish my luck as I go into Volume 2.