My First Job Interview With Edward Jones

Originally Published  November 11 2013

I've been investigating an opportunity in the financial service field. It's a different kind of opportunity where one WORKS for a company, but operates as an independent agent. I think. All I know, it's pretty much running your own business.

So according to the one of the talent acquisition agents, the hiring process moves very quickly...telephone interview, field assignment and face to face interview. So all I have left is the face to face interview and I THINK if one does well, you're presented with a conditional offer. The job offer is conditional because you need to pass an exam that you'll have to study for on your own time while still currently employed.

If all goes well, studying for the exam will be a challenge. Any spare moment that I have will have to be devoted to studying.

The job that I'm applying for will require a lot of time...according to the company, the hard work won't pay off until years 3 and 4. It's going to be a long haul but I'm sure with the training, everything will be fine.

I have also spoke to a few people in the field and my question to all of them, "Are you happy?"....and they all loved what they do. Happiness is important to me, more important than the pay. To have a job, or rather CAREER and be happy? When I first heard of that combination, I just had to investigate this opportunity.

Well, better do a little more reading then some shut eye.

Thanks for reading, please stay tuned.