Forever Tea Time

There was a short moment last year (early 2014) that I actually stopped drinking coffee. I've read and heard that one thing that helps with losing weight is to avoid coffee. I think the final verdict on coffee and weight loss has yet to be decided but I can tell you about my personal relationship with coffee.

There were several times where after drinking a cup of coffee I actually felt crappy, just in a bad mood and with little energy. So I decided stop drinking coffee, and began drinking herbal teas; it lasted several months and with my routine, I lost some weight and more importantly FELT BETTER.

I think the one main reason I stopped drinking coffee was watching Joe Cross's FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD. The film was about how the over weight Joe Cross lost a ton of weight by juicing, and part of his routine was avoiding caffeine..which meant no coffee, soft drinks and caffeinated teas. So after taking his advise, and curious to see if coffee was making me crash in the afternoons, I started only drink herbal teas. And I have to admit, I felt a lot better.

I didn't experience grumpiness; I was in better moods and my energy levels were good.

Another plus from taking herbal teas were their properties that certain leaves had. For example, if you were sick, lemon tea would be right for you. If you had an upset stomach, then a mint ginger tea would help you fell better. Need help sleeping, camomile tea helps.

So I got to say, I loved drinking my herbal teas, but my good habit didn't last long. By the time summer of 2014 rolled by, I was back to my old ways, at least a coffee a day. But the amount was controlled, it wasn't an Extra Large, max size I'd buy would be a medium. If I were at home, 12 oz cup..anything more and I wouldn't feel so good.

So if you think your coffee intake maybe affecting you, do what I did. Leave out the coffee and caffeine and more to herbal teas. See if it makes a difference in making you feel better.