Rebooting With Joe And His Juicing Program

Originally Published July 27 2014

So a week ago I was advised to watch 'Sick Fat and Nearly Dead' on Netflix. It was a documentary on Joe Cross who drove around the USA and juiced for 60 days.
Joe has a juicer in the back of his car attached to batteries which he would drink and share his juice with people he met on the street.
The point of the documentary was that joe was over weight and on several meds for his ailments. Soon after he began juicing, the weight started to drop and was eventually free from his medication. It was inspiring to watch.
Now I'm not on any meds however I would like to drop a few inches from my waist line; I'm pretty sure my waist is a little wider than it should be. So I began juicing too, although not 6 times a day.
Joe's Reboot program consists of juicing for several days straight. When visiting his website, there are PDFs you can download for free that have shopping lists for 3, 5, 10 and 15 days of juicing. Now I don't recommend buying 15 days worth of groceries in one shot because the veges may spoil before you get a chance to use them.
So let me tell you how I'm using Joe's plan, I juice twice a day. For breakfast after a cup of hot water with lemon and for dinner. Morning snack could be almonds or at the moment, a kid's sized granola bar (it's really tiny). For lunch I try to find something senseable to eat and after noon snack is almonds. And of course, plenty of water and herbal tea through the day. I drink lemon and mint teas.
Joe also recommends dropping coffee from your diet, I have done so for about a week and don't crave it at all, however today, I'll be using my 50% off Starbucks coupon for an espresso drink; why not?
Now it haven't check my weight since introducing juicing into my diet, mostly because I for I need to track these things but also the scale isn't the best way to measure your progress. How your clothes fit is the best way to track your progress. But I'm not sure if I notice a difference yet.
So there you have it, you can check out joes website and download his free plans at try juicing.
The one thing that I don't like about juicing..well two things is 1. The clean up and 2. The left over fiber when you've juiced your fruits and vegetables. It is very wasteful to just throw away and the guide book that came with my juicer has receipies that you can make use of the left over fiber. Maybe I'll share those with you all soon (idea for next post!).
There is also something else I like to mention, my craving for sugary's non existant. So far I've turned down little sandwiches, cookies Halloween treats....I look at it and just not interested in eating it. I don't know if it's the juice or my renewed will power, either way, let's hope I can shed an inch or 2 from my waist.

For those that curious on what juicer they should purchase, I own a Breville juicer and seems to do a good job. In fact, Joe recommends Breville juicers. Please see the following link for Breville Juice Fountains available for purchase from Amazon!
Thanks for reading.