The bad, the good and the AWSOME!

Originally Published February 22 2014

Hello again readers! It has been a long time since my last update. Last time I posted, I was preparing to study for the Canadian Securities Course Volume 2. Since then there' been bad news, good news and awesome news.

Bad News

I failed writing the CSC Vol 2 exam. Some how i knew I wasn't going to fare well. I didn't feel prepared or confident enough to write. And as a result, I earned 57 points when I needed 60 to pass.

Good News

Right after finding out my results, I booked my second attempt which was 2 weeks later. I read over the book least the chapters that I didn't do well on. I had to book a computer based exam which gave me the results right also costs an extra $75. I no choice, I didn't want to delay my start date so I needed to know if I passed or failed. My final mark for Vol. 2, 71 points. So that naturally means a PASS. And reading the word 'PASSED', got me a little weak in the knees because I was on to a new chapter in my life.


And so the very next day after writing my exam, I gave my employer my 2 week notice that I was resigning from the company.

While moving on to a new career sounds exciting, it's a little sad. This opportunity is very different than most jobs where you show up, do your work and leave for the day. My new career will have me working my ass off....a lot of leg work will be required to get my career going and truthfully, I'm very nervous about. So the unknown worries me. As for my old job, it's very sad to leave, only because I left a good group of people behind. I really enjoyed working with them and value the relationships I've built.

And so, yesterday was my last day. The last two weeks at work were very busy and I think its safe to say that I won't miss my more phones, annoying callers service tickets to open, waking up at 4am, working weekends, working nights, commuting downtown....good riddance.

But I still think about my old team though, I'll miss them very much.