Thoughts on the Canadian Securities Course Volume 1

This is for those who what to know how my Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Volume 1 exam went.

I wrote the exam last Monday and I was very nervous going in. I had signed up for the written's better for me..I can focus better on paper than a monitor.

So first off...whether I passed or failed the exam was relative easy. All the questions were from my reading, nothing new or surprising. If I could retain more info, I would of Aced the exam.

But, all I can say, is read the material, do the practice questions and write the exam QUICK as you can. You don't want all that fresh content in your head to get file in the trash bin of your brain lol.

But in all seriousness, the exam was fair and I'm very happy that I managed to pass volume 1.

So my Volume 2 exam in scheduled for mid January so wish me luck as I attempt to write Volume 2 and attempt to complete my CSC certification.