Sunday Bloody Sunday, Chicago Il. March 21, '85 - U2 LiveCast

Hello again U2 LiveCast fans!

I have decided to add a few words to today’s podcast.

Basically, I’d like to add some substance to the U2 LiveCast. By which, I’d like to include some VIDEO in the podcast stream as well as some news on our favorite band.

Of course, all these changes and add-ons will take some planning, thought and time. I want to improve the U2 LiveCast experience for my listeners. In any case, we have an idea of where we want to take the U2 LiveCast and we hope that the listeners will continue to subscribe and listen to the U2 LiveCast.

And now, I’m please to bring you the next track of our showcased concert. Track #7 is Sunday Bloody Sunday. Please enjoy this live selection recorded live from Chicago Illinois March 21st 1985.

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