The Spartacus Workout 4 DVD Set Calendar Flow

I'm a big fan of Men's Health workout programs and own quite a few of them. The workout DVDs seem to be designed well as I feel they do work; especially if you're really breaking a sweat.

A while ago, I ordered the complete DVD set of The Spartacus Workout. The Spartacus Workout was four DVDs, sold individually. I'm not sure if it was meant to be sold as set, but I ordered all four. I was also expecting to find some sort of calendar or workout flow with The Spartacus Workout. Unfortunately, I don't think one exists. And I say that one doesn't exist because I've search and search and couldn't location such a calendar.

And so i took it upon myself to put these videos onto some sort of order.

Here are the four titles in this set:

  • The 30-Minute Total-Body Blitz + 29-Minute Triple-Set Scorcher (30 min each)
  • 20-Minute Body-Fat Torchers (3 workouts - 20 min each)
  • AB Attack (30 Min)
  • Body-Weight Revolution (30 min)

The way I've broken down this flow is as follows, one day you work on a 30 minute routine followed by a 20 minute routine the following day.

You can download the PDF I've put to together below:

If you have a better way to organize The Spartacus Workout DVD set, please leave a comment below.