Basic Camera App Tricks For iPhone

As an iPhone user and probably like most iPhone user's, I'm looking for the simplest and best ways to optimize my stock app camera settings for the best picture possible.

Personally, I think composition makes the picture. You can have the fastest, sharpest camera in the world, but it doesn't mean much if your composition stinks.

This post isn't about composition, but here are three basic settings that you can easily change right now to make capturing images a bit easier. Head to your Settings app, and then scroll down and tap ‘Camera’. You’ll see a number of options on your screen, but you’ll only need to focus on three of them.
  • GRID
  • HDR

So let's begin:


The grid is a guideline to ensure the composition of your photos is balanced each time you take a picture. If you know some sort of knowledge in composition, you’d understand the importance of having the two horizontal and two vertical lines show up on your viewfinder.


JPEG is the most popular format in the world. Selecting JPEG brings two advantages, the first being that your photos can be viewed by friends and family members who don’t use Apple devices, and the other—and more important factor—being that ‘Most Compatible’ images apparently have more detail, and their quality will be better.


‘Keep Normal Photo’ to save both HDR and non-HDR copies. This is optional, so you can deselect this if you don’t want duplicates in your camera roll. By enabling Smart HDR, iOS blends several exposures of the same picture to bring out more details from the scene’s shadows and highlights. 

Using the mentioned settings above will assist you in taking better photos using your iPhone. If you have any tips, please leave them in the Comments below.

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