Mark Lauren's 90-Day Challenge DVD Set Review

This review is based on Mark Lauren’s 90-Day Challenge.

First thing, I have just completed the 90-Day challenge. I have to admit, it was long. However, my routine is workout out for 12 weeks then take a week off before working out again for another 12 weeks/90-Days. So for me, this will keep you busy for 3 months/12 weeks/90-Day. This is a Pro.

Second thing I quickly realized is that this is a body weight program focusing on weight training (obviously using your body) and not a lot of cardio. You’re doing lots of push ups, pull up variations with a bar or table, ab work just a name a few. Make no mistake, there are exercises in this set that make the program very challenging.

If I had to compare this to a Beachbody video, the biggest difference is that there isn’t much cardio. No running in place, jumping jacks, shuffles etc. The most cardio you’ll do in the 90-Day Challenge are ‘Iron Mikes’ (lunge variation) and jumping squats.

If you’re going to attempt this program, you will sweat but please make sure your also following a meal plan.

Also, I used the 90-Day challenge while wearing my Apple Watch so I can track the amount of theoretical calories I burn. At the most, I’ve tracked 300 calories. On the less side, about 250 calories. On the days that I’ve been short of 300, I would add in an extra 30 seconds of running, 30 seconds of jumping jacks, 30 seconds of either burpies or 30 seconds of kettle bell swing. I would repeat this set until I hit 300 and closed out the work out.

Going through the other reviews, I want to address a few things. ‘smooth transition between warm up and workout’ - I’ve seen plenty of videos where the warm up is a separate not included inside the main workout, not an issue. When you encounter a work out that is just four excesses on one screen, it means you have to do each exercise for a specific number of reps; and if you pay attention, the tutorials are shown at the beginning of the workout. OK, here’s one that I think I agree with, Mark’s tone in the video isn’t very motivating…I guess it was plain and monotone. Then everyone else who offered a negative review just copied the ‘reviewer’ before them. Take it easy guy.

Anyway, the 90-Day Challenge is an okay program. I own it and will eventually run through it again. It’s a good change from the hopping and running that you’re using to from Beachbody, however that I’ve completed the 90-Day Challenge, I’m ready to begin something more faster paced.

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