uBreakiFix Repair Review

This is my personal review of my experience with getting my iPhone Xs repaired from UBreakiFix in Aurora Canada.

Overall review: 2/5

There are two reasons why I've rated my experience as poor with the Aurora UBreakiFix and nothing personal against the two techs who work there:

1. I went in for a screen replacement. Screen was replaced and working fine but the bottom left corner of the screen was raised out of the housing and it comes out easily - even now still. There is also a noticeable gab down the left side of the display which means the water resistant integrity of this iphone Xs is no more. I feel like I've compromised value over quality.

2. I also requested my battery to replaced since its health was at 87%. I figure since the phone would be opened up, might as well be a good time to replace the battery. Do it in one visit. When I picked up my phone, there was a warning message (SERVICE) that read that the iPhone could not register the battery as a genuine apple part and therefore Maximum Capacity and Battery Health readings are disabled. Also, there is a constant message of this issue in my Notification list. While the techs couldn't really explain why (since the battery is supposedly OEM) I figure I search this up. I found out why the message was appearing, iPhones from Xs onwards will display the message when battery replacements are not serviced by apple. This I can overlook, but your team and company should be aware of this and not come as a surprise to the customer....honestly, if I had known this, I would of held off the battery replacement.

This is my review, it's honest and I hope you understand my feelings regarding my visit. Maybe my expectation was to high, but from this experience, I feel like I brought my phone into some shady computer shack that replaces screens once a month.