Fire TV Stick with Retro Gaming

It seems nowadays that almost anything can be used for retrogaming. I swear to you, I think I have a dozen devices in my home that can play old school retro games. And yet, I'm always excited to take a bit of time and load up retroarch and game roms on these devices.

So it shouldn't be surprising that we can use an Amazon Fire TV stick for playing retro games. In fact, I've seen a Fire TV Stick LITE edition used for retro gaming which is the cheapest out of all the Fire TV sticks available!

Here's our 'ingredient' list for getting our Fire TV Stick in retro gaming mode. And this can be used for any Fire TV Stick. Since the Fire TV Stick Lite is the cheapest device...we're running with "Retro Game on Fire TV Stick Lite".

  1. Your first step is to set up your Fire TV Stick; wifi/network, updates.
  2. Second, enable "Install software from unknown sources". You'll need this feature switched ON to install Retroarch.
  3. Third, install Downloader & ES File Explorer from Amazon. Both apps are free.
  4. Forth, open Downloader and navigate to the Retroarch download link. Download and install.
  5. Fifth, launch ES File Explorer. Network -> View On PC -> Turn On. FTP address will be shown. Use the FTP address to FTP from your computer to Fire TV.
  6. Sixth, on your computer, connect via FTP and begin to upload your game roms into you "roms" folder.
  7. Your last step would be to launch Retroarch, scan the directories with your game roms and begin playing your retro games.
  8. Of course, don't forget to pair your 8BitDo controller with your Fire TV Stick.

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