400+ Video Exercise Library with 14 Day At Home Workout Program

I love to find free exercise/workout programs on the internet - and in this post, I present to you a GOLD mine of resources.

Precision Nutrition is a website that offers nutrition certification to coaches and people who just want to take better care of themselves. Precision Nutrition launched in 2005 and was co-founded by Dr. John Berardi and Phil Caravaggio.

There is so much information in Precision Nutrition that I feel that it can be the ONLY resource you need live a healthy and fit life.

This library of videos can be used by anyone to:
  • Include high-quality exercise demonstrations in your workout programs—without having to search the internet or create your own videos
  • Send clients quick and reliable links to any exercise they may have questions about
  • Provide clients with progressions, regressions, or modifications for popular exercises

I hope you'll find this resource as useful as I have! Enjoy.

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