Halloween Haunt 2022 @ Canada's Wonderland - A Review

After two years of missing out on Halloween Haunt @ Canada's Wonderland, we finally returned to the park and continued our annual fall tradition.

My sister's and I have been visiting the attraction every October since it's original inception was named 'Fearfest', a name which I enjoy more than Halloween Haunt. I loved going because it was a night where the children stayed at home and the adults went out to play. Halloween Haunt was the time when I didn't spend my visit in the children's area and got to line up to ride all the major thrill rides. Every year on our yearly visit, we'd get to rider several rides. This however was a little different.

For the most part, all the attractions were the same - rides, shows (except the show in Canterbury Theater - there was none), the roaming zombies and ghouls, mazes - everything we experienced previously was present.

For this year, the problem for me was attendance. Like I previously wrote, we were able to hit all the major rides; Behemoth, Leviathan, Yukon Striker, Minebuster (just to name a FEW) but this year. We had little success in riding all those major rides.

Attendance in the park that night seemed very high - every the less popular rides has line up. I'm sorry to say but it was disappointing. It almost made me feel that a one night visit isn't enough, if you wanted to ride all the rides. The night of our visit, we got on:
  • Dragon Fyre
  • Minebuster
  • Thunder Run
  • Flight Deck
  • Wilde Knight Mares
  • Vortex
The only thing I can say about the selection of riders we visited, it's was an 80's and 90's flashback. I guess I'm good with that, LOL.

The weather. The weather was amazing. We are past the middle of October and the weather was unseasonably 'warm' which may have contributed to people come out to the park. I think my plan next year is to wait for the colder weather and see if there's a slight dip in visitors to the park.

But I just wanted to say, that on previous Halloween Haunt visits, seems like the crowd was older, not many children in park - however this year, there were lots kids visiting..it took away from my 'adults night out' thought. So to summarize, great night out, plenty to see and do but very busy which didn't get me on the major rides.

Of course, we'll be back next as Halloween Haunt is our yearly fall tradition.

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